Monday, June 2, 2008

Section 6

Eliezer and the other prisoners are on a march, nad Eliezer still marches even though he has terrible pain in his foot.During the march, the SS guards shoot anyone who cannot keep up with the march. Elie is determined to keep marching in the thought of his father. Forty-two miles later, the prisoners are granted permission to rest. Eliezer and his father find a roofless brick factory and rest in there. They look outside and see the terrible sight of frozen corpses and half-frozen, tired prisoners.Eliezer wakes up to see his father's beautiful smile. Eliezer wonders why in this hard time he is smiling. The surviving prisoners walk for several more hours until they reach Gleiwitz, another concentration camp. Upon arrival, they are stuffed into barracks on top of one another. Eliezer is nearly suffocated by the man on top of him but he is sustained by the sound of his friend Juliek's violin.The march continues the next day because of Russian advances. Eliezer sneaks over to his dad's sector and they are stuffed into trains and are departed.

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