Friday, May 30, 2008

Section 4

Elie is question first then she was assigned to a small group of prisoners who's job was to wire the electricity. Elie's father is in the same group but is put i the musicians bunk, were he meets 3 young people named Juliek, Yosi, and Tibi. All three of the people are zionist. Elie wants to move to palestine with them. They want to go to palestine to start a creation of the Jewish homelands. Somebody found out that Elie had a gold crown on one of his teeth and he is sent to the dentist. Elie however, lies his way out of the appointment say that he is ill. Idek beats Elie badly, next Elie’s father is brutally beaten by Idek. Elie expresses anger at his dad’s inability to dodge Idek’s rage. Franek, the prisoner foreman, demands Elie’s gold crown. Franek wants the crown so he beats Elies father until he gives it to him. A few hours later a man is hung in the middle of the camp, because he stole something.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post 3 Pg 29-46

This section of the book the people who are being captured are becoming more and more weak, and are being killed off faster. Elie and his father are kept together but he most likely will never see the rest of his family again. A prisioner at the camp helps Elie and his dad out by telling the that they should lie about how old they are. He tell Elie that he should tell them he is eighteen, and he tells his father to tell him he is forty. In real truth Elie is fifteen and his father is 50.Elie is put to work because he lied about his age. There are two pits that are used to burn the bodies of infants and adults. All the prisioners see these pits and begin to cry because they now now their fate.A nazi officer says that they could be cremated or they could keep working. Elie's father asks to go to the bathroom, and he is beaten. All the prisioners are moved from Auschwitz to Buna.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

pages 21-28

The jews were crambed together in cars n forced to go to to a concentration camp. The German lieutinant told the people in the car that if they try to escape that they would be shot like dogs.Their was no room to stand or to lay down. he was also had a lady named Mrs.Schachter, who had gone mad.They ran short on food, they ate less to save for the next day. The train stopped in Kaschua, and they were allowed to go to the hospital car. They were then told that there was 80 people in that train car. Mrs. schachter woke up in the middle of the night one day and started yelling "fire, I see fire, huge flames". She was crazy, they tired her up gaged her and eventually she stopped .They were then informed that families would not be divided and they were told of there jobs. They went to bed and were woken by the screaming of Madame Scachter. She was again screaming about the "Fire," but nothing was there. They woke up at a concentration camp.