Monday, April 21, 2008

pages 3-22

Elie Wiesel, a young jewish boy, was treated very harshly, and seen very grusome things as a young man. He tried to find a master to teach him the zorah and the kabbalah, but none of the people he asked were free. So he and his father read a page over and over until he could get what it was saying.
Elie was told the story by Moishe the Beadle of how a group of prisoners were takin into the woods, told to dig trenches, and then were shot an put in their own trenches. Babies were thrown in the air an made target practice for the soldiers machine guns. Moishe the Beadle eventually becomes Elie's master.The Germans eventually invaded Hungaria. Next the Germans were in Sighet, The place were Elie lived. The Germans began to create a strong hold on the town. Their laws were: jews must stay inside for three days, Jews should have no items of value, Jews were forced to wear a yellow star, Jews were forced to live in povrty strickin neiborhoods. These were very harsh conditions for the jewish community of Sighet.
Elis's father called a meeting that alot of people came to. This meeing was called to find a way to get out from under the german thresh hold.


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