Thursday, May 1, 2008

pages 21-28

The jews were crambed together in cars n forced to go to to a concentration camp. The German lieutinant told the people in the car that if they try to escape that they would be shot like dogs.Their was no room to stand or to lay down. he was also had a lady named Mrs.Schachter, who had gone mad.They ran short on food, they ate less to save for the next day. The train stopped in Kaschua, and they were allowed to go to the hospital car. They were then told that there was 80 people in that train car. Mrs. schachter woke up in the middle of the night one day and started yelling "fire, I see fire, huge flames". She was crazy, they tired her up gaged her and eventually she stopped .They were then informed that families would not be divided and they were told of there jobs. They went to bed and were woken by the screaming of Madame Scachter. She was again screaming about the "Fire," but nothing was there. They woke up at a concentration camp.

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