Friday, May 30, 2008

Section 4

Elie is question first then she was assigned to a small group of prisoners who's job was to wire the electricity. Elie's father is in the same group but is put i the musicians bunk, were he meets 3 young people named Juliek, Yosi, and Tibi. All three of the people are zionist. Elie wants to move to palestine with them. They want to go to palestine to start a creation of the Jewish homelands. Somebody found out that Elie had a gold crown on one of his teeth and he is sent to the dentist. Elie however, lies his way out of the appointment say that he is ill. Idek beats Elie badly, next Elie’s father is brutally beaten by Idek. Elie expresses anger at his dad’s inability to dodge Idek’s rage. Franek, the prisoner foreman, demands Elie’s gold crown. Franek wants the crown so he beats Elies father until he gives it to him. A few hours later a man is hung in the middle of the camp, because he stole something.

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