Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post 3 Pg 29-46

This section of the book the people who are being captured are becoming more and more weak, and are being killed off faster. Elie and his father are kept together but he most likely will never see the rest of his family again. A prisioner at the camp helps Elie and his dad out by telling the that they should lie about how old they are. He tell Elie that he should tell them he is eighteen, and he tells his father to tell him he is forty. In real truth Elie is fifteen and his father is 50.Elie is put to work because he lied about his age. There are two pits that are used to burn the bodies of infants and adults. All the prisioners see these pits and begin to cry because they now now their fate.A nazi officer says that they could be cremated or they could keep working. Elie's father asks to go to the bathroom, and he is beaten. All the prisioners are moved from Auschwitz to Buna.

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